Halloween Acrostic

For our October writing assignment, my students made a Halloween Acrostic. An Acrostic is a poem, or form of writing, where each letter spells out a word, phrase or sentence. All of my students got really creative with their writing skills. Be sure to check out each child’s page and see all the talent flowing out of our classroom! Here’s mine for starters…

Haunted houses.

Always frightening.

Love to wear a costume!

Like to eat candy.

October is a fun month!

What an awesome holiday!

Everyone loves it.

Enjoy trick-or-treating.

Never a dull moment.

It’s All About Me

During the first week of school, my students wrote and typed a paper titled “All About Me”. We then went to our school computer lab and created a “Wordle” out of their composition. I put an example above this post. Each of my students worked really hard on their Wordle. Please leave a great comment on how awesome each child’s Wordle turned out. It will make each one of them feel great to know that their hard work is seen and appreciated. Mrs._O'Malley

Hello world!

Welcome to Mrs. O’Malley’s new 3rd grade student writing blog at White Oak Intermediate. This will be an amazing tool to view my students’ writing throughout the course of the school year. We are still putting it all together so check back in frequently and see any updates. I can’t wait to read all the great writing we are going to do!