A cinquain is a five-line poem that describes a person, place, or thing. It follows this format-

Line 1: Noun

Line 2: Two adjectives

Line 3: Three -ing words

Line 4: A phrase

Line 5: Synonym for your noun

My students each wrote a cinquain about someone or something that they care a lot about. Be sure to view each one and see just how talented these children are!

Winter Poetry

Sipping hot cocoa, snuggling up on the couch with your favorite blanket, and ice skating. All of these activities signify the heart of the winter season.  My students this month attempted their first poetry writing samples. They all enjoyed thinking of their favorite things to do during the cold season. Be sure to check out what they wrote and get in the mood for some wintery thoughts!

Christmas Generosity

Our character trait this month was “Generosity“. It is always more rewarding to give than it is to receive. In keeping with this theme, each student in our class made a post writing about who they would want to give a present to if they could. We have some very thoughful children in our class, so be sure to read each post and leave a comment commending them on their generous Christmas spirit!

Sensing Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving means so many things to all of us. For some it’s a time of gratefulness, while others may find it to be a time of gathering. Take a look at what Thanksgiving means to each of the students in our class by clicking on their blogs and seeing what they wrote. Be sure to leave a positive comment so we know you visited!

Halloween Acrostics

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Our first writing project this year has been a Halloween Acrostic. Be sure to check out what wonderful things your child wrote, and feel free to see what other classmates came up with as well. We love positive comments so be sure to leave one!

The Zipper

Our class recently learned about Whitcomb Judson, inventor of a clasp-locking system which eventually turned into the modern day zipper. Although Judson died before seeing his invention cultivated by people such as Gideon Sundback and B.F. Goodrich, we  acknowledge his commitment to making the process of putting on clothing easier. Sometimes, however, we take our modern conveniences for granted. My question to my students was “How would life be different if we did not have zippers?”. Look at each page to see their insightful answers, and be sure to leave a comment so we have a record of your visit!

Famous American Women

Screen shot 2011-03-30 at 7.11.55 PM

Our class got to learn about several important American women during the month of March. We learned about how these women contributed to American history and why they should be honored for generations to come. Take a look at each child’s page and be sure to leave a comment to let them know you saw what they learned.

Our Class Noun Book

Despite our class’ hectic daily schedule of preparing for TAKS, I have discovered a fun way to put together information that we have learned. It comes in the form of an online book. You’re never too old to make your own pop up book! I plan on having the children make their own sometime soon. Be sure to read the book on fullscreen mode for the complete effect.

Greetings From Around The World!

For our December writing project, each child was able to create their own doll representing the country they are learning about in class for our Christmas Around The World project. They were also able to create a doll that illustrates the other children in the group they were working with. A personalized greeting either in English or the native language of the culture they are studying is added as well. We loved doing this because their greeting shows a magical place that celebrates diversity and cultural respect. See if you can find out where that place is by watching each child’s video. Please be sure to leave a  comment on their pages because the children are very encouraged by your support. Here is my video dedicated to all my students and their families during the best time of the year– Christmas!

Tom Turkey

Our class has read several Thanksgiving books this month during our teacher read aloud time. Our favorite book, however, was ‘Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving by Dav Pilkey. In this story, children visit the turkey farm of Farmer Mac Nugget. They are appalled when they find out that the cute little turkeys they see walking around will soon end up on someone’s table for Thanksgiving dinner. Our writing assignment this month was to pretend that each student was Tom Turkey and had to plea with Farmer Mac Nugget about why turkeys shouldn’t be eaten anymore. I wanted to give my students a creative way to let out their comical side. Hope you enjoy their writing and, as always, feel free to leave a positive comment. Be sure to listen to the story! It is very cute.

Screen shot 2010-11-21 at 7.24.23 PM